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'Dancing is an ancient form of magic. 

The dancer becomes amplified into a being

endowed with supra-normal powers. 

Her personality is transformed. 

Like yoga, the dance induces trance, ecstasy, 

the experience of the divine, 

the realization of one’s own secret nature, 

and, finally, mergence into the divine essence.


The dance is an act of creation. 

It brings about a new situation and summons

into the dancer a new and higher personality. 

It has a cosmogonic function, in that it rouses 

dormant energies which then may shape the world.'


~ Heinrich Zimmer

'The gods have meant that I should dance, and in some mystic hour 

I shall move to unheard rhythms 

of the cosmic orchestra of heaven. 

And you will know the language of my wordless poems, 

And will come to me 

For that is why I dance.'


~ Ruth St. Denis

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