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A variety of authentic Tantra meditations and techniques will also be included through out the Courses, Retreats and Trainings. They are chosen to support the opening within your body necessary for the Dance and to deepen and expand your capacity to embody the Divine Feminine. Different Tantra practices are introduced each day. All are from enlightened Tantra Masters, including some of the ancient methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. The techniques being offered are specifically selected for women and can be practiced alone - reconnecting you with the infinite source of love within you. You will also learn partner tantra techniques that can deepen love and transport you into the realm of the sacred, allowing you to journey together on a transformational path of ecstasy. All are honoring and open you to a deeper intimacy and communion within yourself, with others and the Divine.


'Tantra can transform the whole earth
It is one of the greatest treasures 
that is lying there, unused. 
The day, humanity uses it, 
a new love will surround the earth ~
The earth will become aglow with a new love.'
~ Osho 

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