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Welcome to Tantra Sacred Dance for Women


(please see the Event Page for upcoming dates of Retreats and Trainings)

The 3 Week Training will prepare you to facilitate Women's Tantra Sacred Dance Circles and to taste the incredible transformation possible through the practice of this Dance. After completion of the Course, it is recommended to continue an on-going practice of the Dance. In this way deepening into the immense transformational power that is inherent in the Dance. An on-going practice enables you to keep it flourishing within you and to transmit more and more fully the essence of the Divine Feminine when sharing the Dance. 

Instruction on how to teach classes will be throughout the training and you will also have the opportunity to teach in the training.
Included is a complete manual of instructions for the Dance, meditations and techniques, as well as music to use for yourself and teaching.


Welcome to Tantra Sacred Dance for Women
(please see the Events Page for upcoming dates
for Retreats and Trainings)


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The Tantra Sacred Dance Retreats and Immersions awaken and honor the Goddess within you. Fall in love with yourself, your sisters, partners and your life by diving deeply into different beautiful Tantra methods, dance practices and meditations. Everyday you are deepening and learning to honor your own body as a Temple of the Divine. Through intention and exploring various Goddess archetypes you experience and witness the profound transformation and joy elicited through the practice of Tantra Sacred Dance.

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