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Tantra ~ Sacred Dance for Women



To be Announced

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Vibha offers transformational TANTRA and TANTRA SACRED DANCE 


From ancient temples of the East reemerges the art of Tantra Sacred Dance Now  experiencing a rebirth in our contemporary world. 

Tantra Sacred Dance is a profoundly transformative and sensual dance meditation unfolding from   the depths of your being.    

It is not a performance, but a revelation of your essence  ~  your  Divine  Nature.

It expands and refines your capacity for receptivity and attunes you to the

divine energy flow of Existence. 

The Dance unites your body, heart and soul 

~ awakening your Inner Goddess.

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In Tantric tradition women are considered embodiments of Shakti, or the Goddess; the female expression of the Divine. Tantra Sacred Dance offers you a portal into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine and the Freeing of your Inner Goddess.

When women gather together in a sacred space, and dive deep into the inner mysteries of the divine feminine, profound opening and healing can occur. The body is like an instrument , capable of holding higher and higher frequencies. The Dance enlivens the chakra system and kundalini energy and opens the energy channels.


As you deepen into the Dance it is possible to experience supreme

states of joy, love and ecstasy ~ all accessible within your own body.

Through the practice of Tantra Sacred Dance we create a safe and supportive container for us to once again embody the wisdom, power and grace of the Goddess.

Healing the Earth as we Heal Ourselves.




Bringing awareness to the sensations and movements of your body, you enliven your 'womb space'. This is where your goddess energy resides; the source of your wisdom, power, creativity and ecstasy. Through the on-going practice of Tantra Sacred Dance this energy can be freed and rise up through your body opening your potential for expansion. When you are fully present with inner vibration and subtle energy, the experience for the dancer and the witness of the dance becomes a profound catalyst  for transformation and awakening.


Refining your receptivity and deepening into the Dance you become a priestess of the Sacred Feminine ~ learning and absorbing also through witnessing each other's transmissions of grace. This receptivity is a portal into the realm of the sacred, into the magic, love and power abundantly available within you.


Tantric Sacred Dance unveils your inner splendor. From this place of remembrance and deep embodiment, we cultivate and reconnect with our inner power, our inner source of love and ecstasy. From here we are more fully able to live our lives with joy, passion and purpose - opening to our full potential. We experience a deeper merging with love and grace that empowers us, fulfills us and ripples out into all aspects of our lives.


            Awaken your True Essence and Potential.              Embody your Inner Goddess and experience

the Grace of being danced by the Divine.

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'When the dancer disappears in her dance she is divine.


You are showered with blessings.

For the first time you come to know your grandeur,

the splendour of your being.'


~ Osho


~ Awaken your true essence and potential. Embody the 
Goddess and experience the grace of being danced by the Divine.

~ Be supported in a safe circle of women as you witness each other's flowering and powerful transmissions through the practice 
of Sacred Dance.

~ Learn additional tantra techniques to practice alone. Healing and 
empowering yourself as you discover the immense source of love within you.

~ Learn partner techniques that can bring love and transformation 
to your relationship. Merge sexuality and spirituality through the sacred alchemy of Tantra.

~ Learn to increase your sensitivity to subtle energy, enliven your
chakras and your potential for expansion and ecstasy.

~ Experience your true beauty, power, courage, 
vulnerability and passion. Release your hidden splendor.

~ Learn how to share this transformational Dance and step into work you love that supports your own growth and the awakening of the Sacred Feminine in our world.

"So overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Tantra Sacred Dance has been mind blowing! Deep communion with the divine , rapid transformation , beautiful transmissions and most of all a clear sign of moving away from the old and into the new. So want to shout out about my beautiful Tantra Sacred Dance Teacher Deva Vibha, she is a force of Divine Light , bringing this sacred Temple dance back to birth the Divine Feminine in all the women it touches !! My dear Teacher, Deva Vibha ~ You are an inspiration. Your whole life dedication to work in truth and love shines out of your soul . Thank you!"

~ Collette, UK

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